Black River Stages Rally 2012

Press info:

Obtain an Event Press Pass

Application Procedure
Deadline: September 21, 2012

In order to qualify for an Event Press Pass, you must be a member of the press. At least one week before the rally, send to Anders Green:

  • You must log in to the database and "volunteer" as a media person. No passes will be made for anyone not in this database.
  • The Media Accreditation Form ;
  • A Letter of Assignment;
  • A business card; and,
  • An electronic head-shot photo.

A rally is a complicated event. For Black River Stages Rally, we are orchestrating nearly 100 cars and motorcycles moving over 560 square miles with a precision of under one minute. What this means for you as a member of the press is that if you just show up the day of the event and ask "How do I get to Turn 1?" you are likely to be disappointed with the quality of coverage you can supply to your audience. Therefore, we ask that you contact the rally organizer at least one week in advance so you can plan your media coverage and we can plan to make accomodations for you.

If your schedule prohibits any advance contact, then you will find that you will be able to deliver the highest quality coverage possible by using the publicly available spectator information, as it contains excellent directions and schedules and it will not require a Media Pass.

Media personnel are not allowed:

  • Inside any time control, start control, or finish control;
  • To hike into the stage from the start or from the finish;
  • To access locations on stage that are not defined as “media areas” or “spectator areas”.

Organized by Lina Racing

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