Land Owners

If you live or own land in the towns of Croghan, Diana, Pitcairn or Edwards, Black River Stages may be passing by your property. During the weekend of September 9th you may notice event officials and volunteers restricting or redirecting local traffic.

Roads will not be closed for the entire duration of the event — only when setup and racing is occurring.  Road marshals will be assigned to all intersections.  Their role is to ensure the safety and security of the sections of road being used for the event.  IT IS VERY DANGEROUS TO IGNORE A MARSHAL AND ENTER A CLOSED ROAD — RACE CARS OR MOTORCYCLES MAY BE TRAVELLING AT HIGH SPEEDS.  Marshals will be able to brief you on the current situation and should be able to arrange an escort or suggest a detour around the rally.

Emergency services will be stationed at one end of each closed road and at certain intermediate points along the route.  If you live on a closed section of road and require an ambulance, fire truck, rescue, etc. DIAL 911 and local services will respond (more than likely it will be the same ones put on standby for our event).

If you would like to volunteer as a road marshal we would love to have you involved!

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